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“Death to bourgeois art! Long live revolutionary art!” - Naum Gabo, 1922

In the current atmosphere of flux and impermanence, fraught with cultural/political upheaval that begs radical structural change, we borrowed historical constructivist ideas used to analyse society within a period of social tension. We re-articulated constructivist fears toward the impact of industrial technology on our human condition to look at our place within the rapidly evolving digital world. 

Constructivists sought to refine ideas such as movement, music and colour into their most absolute and ‘pure’ form as a means of escaping an increasingly alienating and hostile socio-political climate. This pure form represents ‘inner essence’ or ‘inner sound’, which Kandinsky proposed could derive ‘the entire resources of a whole realm of art’.

As Manchester redefines itself in post-industrial times, so we re-explored the safety found in abstraction and rhythm. 

We welcomed work from all disciplines, and embrace interpretations on this theme of dissent. 

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