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An Evening of decaying beauty, performance, art and music.

There is a delicate beauty that can be found in decay, the slow creeping expansion of rust, lichen and pattina. Reclaiming the metal and wood cloven/carved from them; crumbling cathedral skeletons, the rib cage/belly of the industrial beast.  


Forgotten spaces populate post-industrial cities such as Manchester, passive viewers of a changing and growing city, cloaked in disrepair they huddle as silent watchers marking both past and distant future as they subscede into nature, awaiting the re-design, re-purpose and redevelopment that denotes a cities evolution. In this unique period of stasis they become idylls for urban fauna and plant-life, taking on an accidental afterlife as refuge for those who require shelter. 


The afterlife of the post industrial space is one that sees its gradual subsistence return to nature, plant life and urban fauna expanding into its space, reclaiming it.


The RAG is housed in a repurposed bank, we seek to honour these forgotten and disused spaces that litter post industrial cities such as Manchester globally. They remain sources/spaces of refuge and inspiration for many who exist at the fringes. We seek to explore this relationship between nature and industry in forgotten and disused spaces through art and performance and welcome any media interpretation. 



  • Invasion of nature 

  • Post industrial spaces

  • Decay 

  • Post industrial decline 

  • Return to nature 

  • Decay 

  • Disrepair 

  • Forgotten spaces 

  • Passive viewership 

  • Industrial materials 

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